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  • Studs’ Place: Arthritis

    Studs’ Place: Arthritis

    Holiday episode of “Studs’ Place.” The episode, “Arthritis,” focuses on themes of charity and deceit. The episode begins with Studs confusion about the pile of solicitations he receives in the mail every holiday season. Studs receives $52 from his Christmas Savings Fund. He saved $1 every week for the year so he’d have money for gifts during the holiday season. He plans to buy a phonograph. Sparky, a friend of Chet’s, enters the restaurant, and, coincidentally, needs $50 to get to New York City. The episode ends with a twist.

  • [The 90’s raw : God’s Love We Deliver]

    [The 90’s raw : God’s Love We Deliver]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. Videomaker Esti Marpet visits God’s Love We Deliver, a charity group that delivers meals to home-bound patients with AIDS and other debilitating diseases. Marpet spends most of the tape in the kitchen interviewing staff members about how the organization functions and about their connections to the cause. There is also a lengthy interview with a current client of the organization and one the co-founders, Ganga Stone, who talks about how she founded the organization.

  • [The 90’s raw: Midnight Mission and Asylum]

    [The 90’s raw: Midnight Mission and Asylum]

    This tape features raw footage for the award-winning series “The 90’s.” Videomakers Jody Procter and Judith Binder visit Midnight Mission, a soup kitchen and advocate for the poor in Los Angeles. They interview employees about how the meals are prepared, and speak with a few of the patrons about their situations. However, their main focus is the food, and most of the tape concerns the process of making and serving it. In contrast, Procter and Binder visit Asylum, an extremely upscale restaurant. The owner talks about his influences, the cuisine, and the decor. They also talk to the pastry chef and bread baker and watch the head chef, Guy Leroy, prepare an unusual salmon dish.

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