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  • Remembering Studs

    Remembering Studs

    Studs Terkel died three years ago yesterday, on October 31, 2008. In January 2009, about 200 of Studs’ close friends came to the Chicago Cultural Center to tell their favorite Studs stories and jokes and to remember his life and work. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?amp;v=FOv_mjlL9jw]   Two Studs Terkel classics are now on DVD: It’s a Living (1974), the documentary based on Working, and Studs on a Soapbox (2000), a look at the feisty raconteur over several decades. The trailers are below … Continue reading

  • Straight Arrow edit

    Straight Arrow edit

    A night at the Straight Arrow Tap in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, a neighborhood tavern where residents from many walks of life mingle. Continue reading

  • Blues for Mr. Weinberg

    Blues for Mr. Weinberg

    This tape contains footage of videomaker Tom Weinberg conducting on the street interviews with Chicago residents in the mid-seventies. The audio is fairly poor throughout the video. Continue reading

  • L.A. “Trash” tape

    L.A. “Trash” tape

    This tape features footage that had been taped off of Los Angeles and Chicago TV stations during the production of TVTV’s “Adland.” Continue reading

  • Electronic Media

    Electronic Media

    This tape features footage from an class in Electronic Media taught by Tedwilliam Theodore at City College in Chicago, IL. Several people read from a script about a gasoline shortage on the south side of Chicago. This lasts for the duration of the tape. Continue reading

  • [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    This video contains an off the air recording of the February 1973 WTTW-Chicago broadcast of the TVTV documentaries “Four More Years” and “World’s Largest TV Studio.” The majority of the TVTV programs are skipped–the focus of this tape is on the way WTTW chose to present the programs rather than the programs themselves. Following the programs, Marty Robinson interviews TVTV representatives Tom Weinberg and Anda Korsts about the production.  Continue reading

  • A Few Old People Talk

    A Few Old People Talk

    A piece created by Communications for Change’s Documenting Social History Project. Numerous older people speak about their lives to various younger interviewers in hopes to bridge the communication gap from generation to generation. Continue reading

  • [Paper Roses raw: bingo]

    [Paper Roses raw: bingo]

    In 1975, the Chicago video collective Videopolis produced a documentary called “It’s a Living.” The tape was loosely based on Studs Terkel’s book, “Working,” which was a collection of interviews with ordinary people talking about their jobs. This hour-long program was shown on Channel 11 (WTTW) in Chicago. After the success of this tape, the videomakers were commissioned to make six half-hour shows that had the same type of mission. “Paper Roses” featured residents of the Chicago Housing Authority’s Clark-Irving Apartments, which provided low-rent housing for senior citizens. This tape features footage of bingo at the apartments. Continue reading

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