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  • The Demon Show

    The Demon Show

    “The Demon Show” is a play written and directed by Donna Blue Lachman. This performance was videotaped on May 1, 1986. It portrays the psychological struggles of an artist (Lachman) against her own inner demons. These demons take form in characters representing, for example, Temptation and Self-Contempt. The leitmotif of the film is Lachman’s telephone (it is “broken” as a line of communication to the outside world) and the telephone repair man who “fixes” this communication.

  • The Language of Birds: Rosa Luxemburg & Me

    The Language of Birds: Rosa Luxemburg & Me

    Donna Blue Lachman performs a one-woman show about Rosa Luxemburg.

  • Family Secrets

    Family Secrets

    A taping of a one-woman show called “Family Secrets” performed by Donna Blue Lachman at the Apple Tree Theatre. Over the course of several costume changes, she plays first the father, then the mother, then the two daughters, then the grandmother of a middle class Jewish-American family.

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