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  • Wholesome Roc, Images of Home: Postcard Art (5/13/88)

    Wholesome Roc, Images of Home: Postcard Art (5/13/88)

    Wholesome Roc Art Gallery and Cafe, an alternative art space opened in Chicago in 1987, provided a place for artists, particularly black queer artists, to display their art and engage with one another. This video centers an exhibit at Wholesome Roc created by the Architecture Gallery and entitled “Image of Home,” which contains a collection of postcards sent from around the world.

  • [Peer Group Pressure – Art 1980 Footage]

    [Peer Group Pressure – Art 1980 Footage]

    00:05 The interviewer speaks with people at Art 1980 (inaudible) while the camera films art and attendees. 01:06 An elderly woman speaks about the show and shares the advice that her brother – a commercial artist – gave her about purchasing paintings.  02:40 The interviewer speaks to a woman about the show and about her opinions on contemporary art.  05:26 Interviews outside the exhibit with a group serving lemonade. They’re wearing t-shirts that read “Artists Must Make a Stand.” The […]

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