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  • It’s a Living: When I Was A Worker Like LaVerne

    It’s a Living: When I Was A Worker Like LaVerne

    A documentary about a day in the life of a Sears mail order catalog facility in Chicago, where the disconnect between workers and management is striking. The management seems to be entirely white and male, while the workers are black and female. The tape was produced as part of the “It’s a Living” series of videos on working in America. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0426

    Image Union, episode 0426

    An episode of Image Union featuring the work “One Sturdy String” by Mirko Popadic. A history of traditional Serbian music. Some footage from Popadic’s “Serbian Wedding” tape. We see the different ways Serbian Chicagoans incorporate this music into their lives, from extremely traditional performances to weddings to rock interpretations. We see footage of the Kapugi brothers playing the tamburitza. There is a lot of talk about the happiness produced by Serbian music and about the ways it combines with American music. Followed by “Studs Terkel at the Steel Mill” featuring Studs Terkel interviewing steel worker and organizer Alice Peurala. Continue reading

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