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  • The Hypercube Projections & Slicing + others

    The Hypercube Projections & Slicing + others

    This tape features two distinct pieces: “Hypercube Projects” and “This Is Early Bird.” At the end of the video there are a series of loading screens and LANDSAT images of San Francisco Bay and the Seattle area. “Hypercube” is an instructional video that describes geometrical transformations–rotations, projections, and slicings–within two, three, and four-dimensional space. The catalog contains a full transcription of the narration. “This Is Early Bird” was produced for CBS as part of a documentary/educational show about Intelsat1, the world’s first commercial communications satellite. The show also includes basic educational introductions about how geosynchronous satellites function and enter their orbits.

  • Bluestar


    The first half of the tape is explanatory, then the second half is more like a movie trailer. This tape is advertising the video game, but the creation of the real thing is the ultimate goal for the future.

  • Did We Go?

    Producer/director’s Aron Ranen’s tongue-in-cheek attempt to discover if the 1969 moon landing was faked, The documentary veers off into various often unrelated asides, including the sordid Nazi backgrounds of the German scientists that worked for NASA’s moon landing program, and Neil Armstrong’s childhood. Ranen interviews a moon landing skeptic, and several NASA scientists and technicians in an attempt to convince himself that the moon landing was genuine.

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