[Career Counciling for Women in the Arts: Sherrie Cutler interview]

Footage filmed on a beach, followed by an interview with architecture Sherrie Stephens Cutler, filmed for the series "Career Counciling for Women in the Arts."

00:10Copy video clip URL Footage filmed on a beach. 

22:50Copy video clip URL An interview with an architect about architecture as a career. “I think it’s quite competitive right now. There’s a lot of unemployed architects in the area right now.” Lack of new construction and uncertain prospects for improvements in the next five years. 

24:33Copy video clip URL Showing designs that engage with housing problems within cities. A brochure for the architect’s firm, Ecodesign, showing some of their projects in Denver and around the world. 

28:01Copy video clip URL Touring through the drafting area of the firm’s offices. Discussion of models and designs for various projects, including those for an award-winning mountain villa and the Suffolk Downs Race Track, which the firm renovated for then-owner Bill Veeck. 



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