[Outdoor festival]

Footage filmed at an outdoor festival. It includes musical performances, dances, and a hot air balloon.

00:10Copy video clip URL Filming pedestrian. Trying out the camera. Offscreen conversation between videomaker Pat Lehman and her collaborator. Lehman appears onscreen several times. 

09:20Copy video clip URL A folk musician plays to a small crowd outdoors. Footage of the audience. After the performance, crowd members hang around. 

16:59Copy video clip URL The crowd gathers around in a circle, dancing to drums and a flute. 

19:31Copy video clip URL A crowd starts spreading out a large hot air balloon. The balloon inflates and lifts off.

27:44Copy video clip URL Traditional Slavic dancers performing outside. 

29:44Copy video clip URL Footage of crowds wandering on sidewalks. 

30:51Copy video clip URL Interior footage from an apartment. Conversation between Lehman and collaborator. 



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