[Different Strokes for Different Folks 1: Phone Calls]

Ann Volkes calls the numbers of men who have advertised in the back pages of Screw Magazine in search of a model for a sexually explicit video installation.

00:10Copy video clip URL Ann Volkes, jokingly having a phone conversation with an automated weather service update about how many “inches” she prefers. 

00:49Copy video clip URL Another phone call. First few attempts get a busy signal. 

02:14Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks to Ron on the phone – a number that she got from a “men only” personal ad in the pages of Screw Magazine. She explains that she is making a videotape for Global Village’s Erotic Video Arts Exhibition and that she needs to videotape a man masturbating. Ron declines, politely. 

03:20Copy video clip URL Another call. Nobody answers. 

04:12Copy video clip URL A call with Paul, who declines the opportunity to “model” for Volkes. 

04:58Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks with Brian, who declines because he worries that the exhibition is a likely subject of “a bust.” Volkes asserts the artistic standing of the exhibition and the venue.

06:30Copy video clip URL Another unanswered call. 

07:32Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks with Jim Warner. She discusses the two-channel installation in greater detail, including its previous iteration featuring a video of model Mark Stephens that she is no longer permitted to use. She offers to just shoot “from neck to knees” if he wanted to keep his face out of the image. They discuss payment and Volkes’ difficulties in finding a model. “If you don’t know want to do it would you know somebody… who needs a bit of bread that we could call?

10:17Copy video clip URL Warner isn’t interested and can’t think of anyone who would be: “I’ve got a full time job and I don’t want my face seen and that kind of thing. Although I’m a handsome guy, I’ve got a big cock and all that kind of nonsense.” “That’s not nonsense,” Volkes replies. She pushes him for a contact: “He doesn’t have to be handsome or even have a big cock. All he has to do is just sit and jerk off and we just want to shoot that and that will be fantastic, because the tape is a nice, fun tape about people who go to see porn films. And on the other side of the coin we want to show somebody masturbating.”

11:01Copy video clip URL Warner worries about showing his face inadvertently.  He might have a friend who is interested “in that kind of thing,” he speculates. Volkes explains video playback, assuring Warner that any unwanted footage could be deleted immediately. 

11:43Copy video clip URL Warner asks her to hold on. 

12:59Copy video clip URL Warner returns and gives her the phone numbers for two potential models, both named Paul. 

13:33Copy video clip URL Volkes dials both numbers. No answer. 

16:07Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks to Cary, another name from Screw. He declines but suggests Jess Nichols. 

17:39Copy video clip URL Another call. No answer. 

19:11Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks to Gene, who says he doesn’t do any commercial or public work. He doesn’t know people in New York to recommend, but suggests pornstar Harry Reams, who Volkes thinks would be out of their price range. “And we don’t really need all that great talent. We just need is somebody to jerk off for five minutes.” He suggests the Los Angeles Advocate, a gay newspaper that also covers New York City. 

21:57Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks to Vittorio. He declines. 

22:43Copy video clip URL Several unanswered calls. 

24:50Copy video clip URL A quick no: “Oh honey I ain’t a freak. I’m sorry, you got the wrong guy. No man. Sorry.” Followed by several unanswered calls. 

26:08Copy video clip URL Volkes speaks to Randy, who politely declines and thanks Volkes for calling. 

27:00Copy video clip URL A roommate tells Volkes that Joe isn’t home on her next call. More unanswered calls. 

28:48Copy video clip URL A call to let somebody in downstairs. 

28:59Copy video clip URL Claudia Queen calls Larry Milligan, who asks him if he wants to work tonight. “Doing what?” “Masturbating. You could get paid. All someone wants to do is video someone masturbating.” “Yeah, how much?” “$15. It’ll only take a minute.” “Yes, I do.” “You wanna come right over?” “Oh but I look like a wreck.” “But we’re only looking at your penis.” “Who’s there?” “My good friends Susan Milano, Ann Volkes, and Nancy Weber.” “All women?” Yeah, and me! Come on! You’d be doing us a favor. And your name doesn’t have to be in it.” “And you’re not gonna do my face?” “Well, we could do your face if you want. You could be famous!” Milligan agrees and gets directions.



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