[1987 Chicago Mayoral Election – Washington/Vrdolyak/Heinz]

News excerpts on Jane Byrne endorsing Harold Washington, Ed Vrdolyak trying to oust Washington, and Heinz trying to appear as if he's got a chance in the upcoming mayoral election for Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL John Drury reports on Jane Byrne calling Chicago to unite behind Harold Washington after she lost the Chicago Democratic Mayoral Primary to him.

0:18Copy video clip URL Cut to B-roll of Washington complimenting Byrne on her campaign and then handing the mic over to her. Byrne then proceeds to give Washington, “the biggest endorsement of his campaign” at a rally in the Hilton. Shaw reports that both have stated that said endorsement is not part of any deal.

2:20Copy video clip URL Jay Levine reports on Ed Vrdolyak trying to make Mayor Washington look bad by manipulating the press on a piece of “reform legislation” called the Sullivan Report that would supposedly reduce corruption. Ed Vrdolyak is painted in a very sneaky, sly, underhanded light.

4:03Copy video clip URL Drury reports on Washington’s reaction to the Sullivan report. Mary Ann Childers then talks about the final mayoral candidate, Heinz, and how he is very confident that he will win the mayoral position.

4:29Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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