[Harold Washington/ Jane Byrne 1987 Mayoral Primary]

Continuing coverage by Channel 7 news of the Chicago Democratic Mayoral Primary of 1987 between Harold Washington and Jane Byrne.

0:00Copy video clip URL John Drury reports on the final week of campaigning by Harold Washington and Jane Byrne before the Democratic mayoral primary for Chicago.

0:21Copy video clip URL Andy Shaw reports from a Washington rally on the South Side about how Washington is campaigning as if he’s behind in the polls when in fact at the time he was ahead by a good margin. His greatest fear is that the election will be stolen and Washington talks about how “the remnants of the Democratic party…if they can do anything is steal, steal, steal.” There is b-roll footage of Washington in several places throughout Chicago campaigning and talking to the people.

2:32Copy video clip URL Mary Ann Childers reports on Byrne rallying big crowds on the West Side. There is b-roll footage of Byrne doing “grocery-store campaigning,” talking to voters while they are doing their shopping. Hugh Hill reports on Byrne’s confidence in the Latino vote carrying her to victory.

3:57Copy video clip URL Childers reports on the Republican candidate, Donald Haider, who said that there was a conspiracy against him winning the primary hatched by Ed Vrdolyak.

4:34Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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