[1996 Democratic National Convention]

Raw footage by Bill Stamets covering the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

03:05Copy video clip URL Footage of Bill Clinton’s speech at the Convention. He promises the audience campaign finance reform, cancer research, and the development of a supercomputer.

04:58Copy video clip URL “The welfare system we used to complain about is not here anymore. There’s no more ‘Who’s to blame?’ on welfare.”

08:25Copy video clip URL At the end of Clinton’s speech, confetti rains from the ceiling and the United Center erupts into cheers. The Clinton and Gore families make their way to the stage and wave to the crowd.

20:44Copy video clip URL Convention-goers begin to leave the United Center, leaving patriotic litter strewn on the ground. State delegations take down their signs and roll up flags.

21:45Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a tarmac, where journalists and Secret Service are gathered around Air Force One. The presidential motorcade drops off the Clintons, and screams are heard in the background.

32:06Copy video clip URL Air Force One prepares for takeoff.



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