[Puerto Rican Nationalists and Messages of Solidarity]

"A recording of an Assembly introducing Puerto Rican Nationalists and sharing messages of solidarity"

0:04Copy video clip URL People are entering and greeting a man at an assembly for Puerto Rican Independence. Next a woman on stage introduces one of the four Puerto Rican Nationalists, a man named Irvin Flores Rodriguez  who she says is the best candidate for reasons including his escaped arrest for refusing to fight in the US army and for the participation in the 1954 action act.

6:25Copy video clip URL A woman introduces a man named Oscar Collazo. He attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman on November 1, 1950 but failed. Following him the woman introduces other Puerto Rican Nationalists, Raphael Cancel Miranda and a woman named Mildred Martinez. Lastly, she introduces “mother of the Puerto Rican nation” Lolita Aulet.¬†

14:09Copy video clip URL A message of solidarity from the Representative of Chile and others.

21:10Copy video clip URL [End of tape].



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