[Puerto Rican Independence Movement in Solidarity with Nationalists]

A conference in Chicago on the solidarity of Puerto Rican Independence Movement against US Imperialism.

0:07Copy video clip URL US Colonialism, US imperialism enemy of the worlds peoples. New movement in solidarity with Puerto Rican independence. Formed to build active and concrete solidarity. Based from lessons learned from nationalists prison at war. Four Nationalists deemed as heroes. Because they directly attack imperialism power and they refuse to compromise. Jimmy Carter released the four, forced by the masses of Puerto Rican people. Aims to portray US as a giant when colonization present in Puerto Rico. 

3:52Copy video clip URL Woman introduces Marta Rodriguez long time freedom fighter sings protest songs.

12:51Copy video clip URL Singing ends. Woman introduces national coordinator. Jose Lopez talks about four nationalists doing tour. Solidarity with Chile. Solidarity with Palestine. 

20:11Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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