[The 90’s raw: Coalition to save N.Y. demonstration]

Raw footage shot for the award-winning series The 90's. This tape features footage of a demonstration organized by Coalition to Save N.Y., which included many different labor unions and other activist groups protesting cuts to social service programs.

00:07Copy video clip URL People gather at a protest organized by the Coalition to Save New York in the streets of New York City, protesting budget cuts. They chant “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Mario Cuomo’s got to go!” while cameramen and police officers look on.

03:00Copy video clip URL A woman named Sophie Gerson explains that the demonstration is about entitlement cuts that have been made to funding for the libraries, senior centers, health care, and other things. She talks about recent increases in protests and activism, and the Gulf War’s influence on that. She talks about living through the Depression.

05:50Copy video clip URL A man from the Parks Department talks about the demonstration, and the Parks Department’s funding being cut along with the others. A woman from an alternative high school in the Bronx talks about the difficulties that the budget cuts are bringing.

10:28Copy video clip URL A foggy shot of the Statue of Liberty.

11:45Copy video clip URL A man sells buttons at the demonstration.

12:28Copy video clip URL A band plays for the crowd. The female singer is very animated and obviously cares about the political topics she’s singing about.

13:00Copy video clip URL A group of children chant, “Save our schools!”

20:30Copy video clip URL The demonstration parades through the street.

28:00Copy video clip URL The crowd chants, “Tax the rich, not the poor.” The parade continues, with drummers and more chanting.

44:30Copy video clip URL The crowd chants, “They say cut back, we say fight back!”

53:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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