[The 90’s raw: Fred Kent #2]

Raw footage shot for the award-winning series The 90's. This tape features a tour of New York City with Fred Kent, founder of Project for Public Spaces.

00:00Copy video clip URL Walking through a park area in Greenwich Village, Fred Kent, anthropologist/geographer and founder of Project for Public Spaces, talks about wealth and suburbs. He says that New York is truly urban, because the rich and the poor live in the same environment. Having grown up in a small town in Massachusetts, he appreciates the amount of public space in a large city.

04:00Copy video clip URL He describes the geography and traffic of Midtown.

06:15Copy video clip URL Walking down a Midtown street, he talks about the pros and cons of street vendors.

08:50Copy video clip URL They stop to talk to a shoe shiner. He says it’s the greatest place in the world to make money.

14:20Copy video clip URL He talks about the diversity of people that can be accommodated by a good neighborhood, including a homeless population.

17:50Copy video clip URL Tourists in front of Rockefeller Center, taking photos and videos.

20:28Copy video clip URL Still walking around the city, he points out the diversity of the people visiting  Carnegie Hall.

21:00Copy video clip URL A pianist tunes his piano and plays some music.

25:09Copy video clip URL Kent talks about the design of the city, in relation to cars, streets, and public transportation.

28:42Copy video clip URL He points out shrubbery that is meant to keep street vendors off the sidewalk. Then they continue their walk and their discussion.

38:15Copy video clip URL He talks about window displays, and his research concerning the way they attract attention.

41:40Copy video clip URL A group of tourists posing for a photo near a fountain.

45:00Copy video clip URL Horse-drawn carriages wait for people to go on rides through Central Park.

55:00Copy video clip URL A woman dances with bells at the entrance of a building.

55:40Copy video clip URL Pigeons in the grass.

01:01:38Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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