[Ants at Automation House 7]

Artist Alan Sonfist discusses his exhibition "Army Ants: Structures & Patterns."

00:00Copy video clip URL A sign reading “Meg’s Sprain” with a drawing of a foot.

00:41Copy video clip URL A low angle of artist Alan Sonfist. No sound. 

01:32Copy video clip URL Sonfist talks about the show “Army Ants: Patterns & Structures,” which was to be up for four weeks followed by the return of the ants to their natural environment. 

02:24Copy video clip URL Sonfist describes his preparations for the show over the previous two years, including the collection and safe keeping of the ants.

04:07Copy video clip URL Sonfist talks about what he wanted to display and communicate about ants in his show, including the linear patterns and body structures that ants form. 

05:13Copy video clip URL Feedback from audience members who attended the show. The people who saw the show were generally curious and positive. 

06:26Copy video clip URL The unfortunate ending of the show, in which temperature changes in the building caused the death of roughly two million ants. Sonfist still considers the show to be a success in the specific sense that it caught the imagination of viewers. 

08:16Copy video clip URL Sonfist can’t say what his next project will be at this point, as he’s still upset about the way this show ended. 

08:58Copy video clip URL Sonfist talks about his reaction when he discovered that the ants were all dead. 



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