Artists in Video: Donna Albright, Gary Hill, Lila Marcus

A conversation between three young artists - Gary Hill, LIla Marcus, and Donna Albright - in anticipation of their group show at the Artists' Cooperative Gallery.

00:42Copy video clip URL WCV logo. The narrator introduces the program: “Woodstock Community Video through its Artists in Video series presents Donna Albright, Gary Hill, and Lila Marcus, three artists residing and working in Woodstock who are sharing a show at the Artists Cooperative Gallery. In conjunction with their show we now present a three-sided view of some of their concerns as artists.” A poster for their show, taking place August 3-16.

01:10Copy video clip URL Images of artworks and of the artists’ studios and working with their materials.. Terry Riley’s “A Rainbow in Curved Air” plays on the soundtrack. 

02:05Copy video clip URL Albright says that she can’t think about the practical side of needing to live off of her art or she becomes creatively paralyzed. Marcus agrees, discussing her need to disconnect her art from money.

03:02Copy video clip URL Needing to share art with the public. Anxieties about showing artwork that is so personally significant. 

04:03Copy video clip URL Hill: “If you’re not putting yourself on the line, why do it? Why speak to somebody if you’re not gonna tell the truth.” Hill discusses needing to be in “the city” as an artist and they discuss the upsides and downsides of being in New York and the personal nature of artistic expression.

08:16Copy video clip URL Images of moving image projections, set to “A Rainbow in Curved Air.” 

10:30Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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