[Aspen International Design Festival, June 20, 1973]

Footage from the Aspen International Design Festival, held in Aspen in 1973. Features two speakers discussing population growth as well as conversation with artist Robert Rauschenberg and a performance of Rauschenberg's Beer Bottle Band.

00:07Copy video clip URL Marshall Ho’o addresses a crowd at an outdoor festival. The attendees move semi-rhythmically together, doing tai chi as Ho’o offers directions. Cameras in the audience record the events. 

02:20Copy video clip URL A tall man with floppy hair uses a still camera to photograph the cinematographer, chatting with her as he does. 

02:57Copy video clip URL More group tai chi. Graphic designer/artist Milton Glaser is visible among the crowd. 

03:17Copy video clip URL Shaky camera. Speaking further with the tall man. Image cuts out briefly. 

05:03Copy video clip URL Footage of the largely empty festival grounds where artist Robert Rauschenberg is setting up for a staging of his work Performance

05:56Copy video clip URL Rauschenberg chats about his work, discussing preparations involved. “I spent three days, and three months of preparation, to get into the dump. Yesterday we got the papers from the mayor. But the guy … that shoots the rats in the dump… he said, ‘Why didn’t you come directly to me?'” Difficulties getting into the dump for their materials. 

10:20Copy video clip URL Jokes about getting a plaque for the “Rauschenberg Memorial Light Pole,” referring to the central prop for Performance, which he obtained from the dump. 

11:17Copy video clip URL Jokes about musical performance of the “Overture” by the Beer Bottle Band. 

12:36Copy video clip URL On stage, Rauschenberg introduces his Beer Bottle Band, for which about 50 members blow into the mouths of beer bottles. 

13:04Copy video clip URL the Band begins by taking a swig of beer, then they start blowing, occasionally stopping to take another sip. The blowing continues in a dissonant drone.

14:49Copy video clip URL Post-concert, Rauschenberg addresses the audience alone, joking about the musical performance. “The form of it is … classic: if you’re not drinking, you’re blowing your bottle!”

17:20Copy video clip URL A man addresses an audience, filmed from near the podium. He speaks about population growth in the United States. 

28:44Copy video clip URL Another speaker, a man with a Germanic accent, on population growth. 



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