[Athens Colin Powell Protests 2004 #1]

Footage from a 2004 protest in Athens. Protesters gather in opposition to Colin Powell, the United States Secretary of State under the Bush regime, who had planned to attend the Athens Olympics, and the United States' foreign policy in the Middle East.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. Audio plays from an Athens radio station.

1:00Copy video clip URL Video begins, showing a radio and fan in a bedroom, accompanied by an Olympic map of Athens. An excerpt from the BBC World Service radio segment about Iraq and Abu Gharib plays. 

3:39Copy video clip URL The BBC World Service broadcast continues, switching topics to cover news from the International Olympic Committee. 

3:54Copy video clip URL A Greek reporter for the BBC World Service details an upcoming protest held by laborers and activists to make a statement against Colin Powell’s attendance of the Athens Olympics. 

4:50Copy video clip URL Footage of policemen in Athens City Center.

5:35Copy video clip URL Protesters gather in the Propylaia, the entrance to the University of Athens, carrying large banners reading “No to Greek Army in Iraq” and “Freedom to Palestine.” Policemen and reporters also appear at the site.

7:17Copy video clip URL A speaker shares anti-Colin Powell sentiment, advocating for ending the Iraq war and keeping Greek involvement out of the war. The speaker also informs the crowd that the protest will march from the Propylaia to the U.S. Embassy.

8:12Copy video clip URL A song in Spanish plays as Hoffman captures footage of protesters. Many carry anti-war and anti-Powell signs sold at the site.

8:47Copy video clip URL The speaker takes up the microphone again, making the point that, due to Colin Powell’s influence in US military intervention, he should not attend the Olympic games. 

9:27Copy video clip URL A table displays anti-Powell and anti-war signs, buttons, and posters. 

9:49Copy video clip URL Video breaks up as footage of the table and surrounding area plays.

10:33Copy video clip URL Video returns to normal quality, focusing on a reconstruction of the Abu Ghraib symbol in front of an antiwar banner. The camera pans through the assembled crowd, including several musicians playing live music. 

11:30Copy video clip URL The speaker of the event turns to labor topics, pointing out the importance of workers in the Olympics and false promises made by those who run the Olympic games.

12:39Copy video clip URL Music plays. A sign reads, “No to the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.”

12:53Copy video clip URL Demonstrators begin marching, chanting against US military intervention in Athens and Baghdad. Chants also advocate for “Freedom to Palestine,” calling out Tony Blair and president George Bush as “the terrorists and murderers,” shifting the focus of typical US narratives. Off-camera, Hoffman talks with another woman about size of the protest. 

16:53Copy video clip URL Hoffman adjusts the camera’s brightness, capturing marching protesters. The marchers chant that Powell is a “murderer” and a “fascist.” 

18:00Copy video clip URL Protesters advocate against Greek GIs in the Middle East. A protester carries a sign saying, “Stop Imperialist Interventions.” 

18:21Copy video clip URL Demonstrators who volunteer for the Olympics pass by Hoffman, their sign reading, “Any Volunteers Against US Policy?” Andy, the girlfriend of a top-rated Ethiopian marathon runner competing in the Olympic Games, comments that their presence is “pretty intense. They’re going to get fired,” before noting that they volunteer rather than work for the Olympics. The two walk alongside the protesting volunteers, but are eventually asked not to take pictures of the volunteers.

21:06Copy video clip URL Andy says she is currently staying in the Kypseli area and talks about protesting as an American. Hoffman talks about wanting to both protest and shoot at the same time.

24:00Copy video clip URL Demonstrators pass by a Starbucks coffee shop, chanting about NATO and the Olympic Games. Andy appears on camera in a red baseball cap.

25:31Copy video clip URL Hoffman captures video of police officers standing on a side street off of the protest. Protesters chant, “Freedom to Palestine,” “No, no to occupation,” and “No GIs.”

27:13Copy video clip URL Protesters chant to close Souda, an American base in Crete, as well as other American bases. Chants also voice support for Intifada and share anti-occupation and anti-Bush/Sharon sentiments. 

29:20Copy video clip URL A protester carries a sign reading, “Victory to Intifada.”

31:25Copy video clip URL A line of police officers guards the perimeter of Parliament. 

32:30Copy video clip URL British flags burn on the ground. A man stands behind the flames, holding two framed newspaper clippings: one a photo of US President Bush under the words “Bush creates murderous chaos” and another reading “They killed his children, parents, and siblings.” He holds out the framed pieces. Hoffman turns the camera to capture the assembled reporters taking photos of the man. One reporter turns his camera on Hoffman as well. The remnants of the flags continue to burn.

34:00Copy video clip URL The man walks, holding the framed newspaper clippings.

34:15Copy video clip URL Cops line up, blocking streets from protesters.



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