Ben Loves Chicago 9805

In Ben Loves Chicago, which ran for three years on Chicago network WPWR, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat, niche, parts of “Chicagoland”. This week he visits: a gym, an over-40's baseball team, a local Whole Foods, and another local supermarket.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. Episode information screen. 

0:49Copy video clip URL Ben Loves Chicago introduction sequence. 

1:30Copy video clip URL Ben visits Mario’s gym. He talks to the owner about the mission of the gym, and what makes them different as a gym. He also talks about the karate program that they run in the gym. 

6:00Copy video clip URL Ben does an Instant Talk Show segment on a street corner. He talks to a large group of children that were playing outside. He talks to them about what they like to do, and what has been going on in their lives. One kid sings for the camera. 

10:29Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

11:29Copy video clip URL Ben visits the over-40 Cubs baseball team. He talks to the team manager about the league, who explains that it is a normal baseball league for men over 40 years of age. He talks to a few of the players. 

15:52Copy video clip URL Ben goes to a Whole Foods where he sees John Astin, an actor from The Addams Family, doing a play at Mercury Theatre. He talks to some of the employees at the Whole Foods about the store. Footage of Astin acting. 

20:20Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

21:20Copy video clip URL Ben drives his own car to his neighborhood Jewel-Osco. He parks in the fire lane, and is towed while he is in the store. He talks to the man towing the car, and pets his dog. 

24:29Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

25:29Copy video clip URL P.O. box and phone number. Ben closes the show. Credits. 

26:36Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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