[Ben’s Banner Day at Six Flags 2]

Join host Ben Hollis on a whimsical, whacky, and wild tour of Six Flags Great America!

1:37Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

2:07Copy video clip URL POV footage from a rider on an all-metal roller coaster is shown. 

2:14Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis introduces himself at “Six Flags Great America”. 

2:19Copy video clip URL Footage of a purple and yellow all-metal roller coaster where the riders’ feet hang out is shown. 

2:26Copy video clip URL Footage of kids riding a drop tower ride is shown. 

2:31Copy video clip URL A title card that reads “Ben’s Banner Day at Six Flags Great America! II” is shown. 

2:40Copy video clip URL Scott Kern is introduced. 

2:49Copy video clip URL Mark Boyer is introduced. 

3:29Copy video clip URL Kern states that the layout and theme of the carousel at “Six Flags Great America” was based on the type originally at the Columbian Exhibition. 

4:29Copy video clip URL Hollis freaks out like a complete maniac when he sees, and then runs up to a park actor in a “Sylvester the Cat” costume! 

5:10Copy video clip URL A stylish, chrome and blue sign for a roller coaster called the “SHOCKWAVE”, is shown. 

5:14Copy video clip URL Boyer reveals that the “Shockwave” was the first roller coaster to have seven loops. 

6:09Copy video clip URL POV footage from a rider on an old wooden roller coaster is shown. 

6:34Copy video clip URL Hollis has another freakout – this time on a model seat for the “Batman” roller coaster.

6:39Copy video clip URL Hollis gets taunted by a group of kids for freaking out in the model seat for the “Batman” roller coaster. 

6:50Copy video clip URL Greta Frank of the wardrobe department at “Six Flags Great America”, is introduced. 

7:13Copy video clip URL Hollis humorously makes sure to show the audience  a very conspicuous sign that reads “FEMALE IN LOCKER ROOM”. 

9:01Copy video clip URL An actor dressed as Shaggy from “Scooby Doo” is introduced – note that he is wearing the classic green t-shirt from the television show, and not the red shirt from the early direct to video era. 

9:10Copy video clip URL The elaborate entrance to the “CAMP CARTOON NETWORK” section of the park is shown. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Hollis hits his head and falls down when trying to enter a ride. 

21:30Copy video clip URL Footage of a wild, fun, colorful light filled country show is shown. 

26:35Copy video clip URL Kern gives advice to the audience about how to prepare for a “great day at Six Flags Great America”. 

27:55Copy video clip URL The footage ends. 



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