[Bill Veeck on Late Night with David Letterman]

Off air recording of Bill Veeck appearing as a guest on Late Night with David Letterman, recorded on the same tape as various takes of Tom Weinberg's introduction for "Death in the West" as aired on Image Union.

00:01Copy video clip URL Raw footage of Tom Weinberg, producer of Image Union, introducing the documentary “Death in the West,” produced in 1976, about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Various outtakes needed in response to mis-speaks, wind, church bells, buses, car horns, the El.

6:40Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg doing the same introduction inside. Outtakes.

11:45Copy video clip URL Static.

13:00Copy video clip URL Beginning of Late Night with David Letterman. Applause.

13:20Copy video clip URL Opening monologue.

16:10Copy video clip URL Hall of Animal heroes. Includes a group of wolverines that keep a hypothermic boy alive with their heat just before tearing him to shreds, a sea turtle suctioned to a diving helmet, an ape Santa, locusts, goats, plankton, “Konar” the legendary wolf, and Plato, the world’s only seeing-eye cheetah.

22:15Copy video clip URL Break for Pepperidge Farm, JCPenny USA, Pontiac, and Lancers white wine commercials.

24:30Copy video clip URL Stupid human tricks. John Freyerson makes toothpicks jump up and down from his fingers (by his pulse). John David Ronaldi puts a spoon on his nose and makes his nose and ears wiggle at the same time. Cedric Lucas balances ten pennies on his elbow and catches them. Ken Fox collapses an aluminum can while Letterman stands on it.

32:00Copy video clip URL Commercial break featuring Denorex dandruff shampoo, NyQuil, The Dead Zone, Pontiac.

34:05Copy video clip URL First guest is Valerie Perrine. They discuss Perrine dancing for the emperor of Japan; difference between showgirls and dancers; a gigantic hat.

37:40Copy video clip URL Commercials. Ultra Bright toothpaste, Golden Crinkles fries, Peppers Waterbeds, Family Feud.

39:43Copy video clip URL Network identification. Advertisement for a showing of “Caddy Shack” and “Airplane.” Commercials for People Magazine, Mobil oil, Marshall Field’s, and network news.

41:50Copy video clip URL Perrine and Letterman chat about being a topless showgirl, loving dogs, and going out-and-about on the town.

47:55Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Tom Todd Chevrolet, Keller Geister wine, Christmas tree sellers, and Jewel.

50:02Copy video clip URL Letterman presents “unedited footage” from the show in order to explain why editing (pre-taping) is necessary. A shot where his gun and holster is exposed, a camera hits a kid bicycling on stage, a whistle blower gets kidnapped, dead man on stage, and a failure of the “atmosphere” conditions on stage–helium.

54:30Copy video clip URL Commercials. Pilsbury, Nostrilla nasal spray, National Coffee Association, Le Menu frozen dinners.

56:40Copy video clip URL BILL VEECK as guest. Charismatic anecdotes about promotion in baseball, such as the use of “midgets.” Anecdotes about “bending the rules” in baseball, such as the use of sand on the baselines. “A good groundskeeper is worth a dozen games.”

1:04:43Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. Melanie Lucas says:

    OMG!!! That is my husband doing the penny trick lol.

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