[Blues 3/24/82]

Onstage discussions with blues musicians Honeyboy Edwards and Floyd Jones.

00:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Honeyboy Edwards talking about his childhood traveling with his father around the South in the 1930’s. He says he went to Chicago around 1937, but kept moving around and playing around the country, not settling down until 1954. 

2:54Copy video clip URL He plays a song called “Catfish” on guitar and sings. Applause. He speaks briefly about the song. He plays one of his own songs, “Drop Down Mama.”

9:25Copy video clip URL The host, Barry Dolins, invites Floyd Jones, another musician who originated from the south comes onstage with his guitar. Jones says that he’s from Arkansas.

11:53Copy video clip URL Cut to Homesick James speaking to Dolins and repairing his guitar with glue. He talks about knowing how to repair his instrument and the technicalities of making it functional. As he continues to work on the guitar, he talks about his first shows in Texas. Camera zooms in on his hands as he works.

20:12Copy video clip URL Dolins asks where he lived when he moved to Chicago in 1929. He says that he first lived on West Adams, and then on Calumet. After that, and for most of his time, he says he lived on different parts of the North Side. He talks about camaraderie with other musicians, and says, “It’s all about togetherness.” He talks about the repairs again.

27:03Copy video clip URL Program break. Music plays. Fade to black. Cut back in to his tools and guitar sitting on the table. Fade to black.

27:58Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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