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This video consists of a tour of Borett Automation, a company that produces and manufactures robots, and looks at some of the video and robotic technology of the time period.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shot of a highway from an office building; they move to Borett Automation Technologies to receive a tour. A man with an eye patch introduces the robot called ARNIE which is an automated robot of some kind connected in some way to the video industry. The man talks about ARNIE’s programming, upkeep, function, and other relevant data. This visit seems to be in a professional capacity as the women (Judith Binder, the videomaker, and her companion, Nancy Cain) are asking about practical and fiscal matters.

11:42Copy video clip URL They continue over to ARNIE’s “older brothers,” talk about the stock market, and some of the technology that makes up ARNIE.

18:03Copy video clip URL They continue forward through their tour and see a video of a machine making “registration runs.”

24:37Copy video clip URL They are introduced to the different kinds of cartridges and the new age of video, the man claims that it will be difficult for real-life movies to compete financially with animation in the next few years.

36:22Copy video clip URL Video ends.


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  1. David Sands says:

    Hi, I worked with Dick Boring of Borett Automation many years ago and I would be interested to see this tape digitized. I have watched already somewhere but I can’t remember where.

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