Bulls stink, Portland catches fire

Off air recording of a 1978 loss by the Chicago Bulls against the Portland Blazers. Followed by a series of commercials featuring celebrity impersonators.

0:00Copy video clip URL 4th Quarter, Bulls are up 85-83. With 2 seconds on the shot clock, bulls miss 3-point. Blazers knock ball out of bounds. Bulls have ball stripped away, but get ball behind the net. Bulls miss two shots in a row, but free throws bring the Bulls up by 5 as Portland takes a time out. 46 seconds left on clock. Portland has not yet lost at home this season. Portland’s Hollins takes a shot from the free thrown line for 2 points and the Bulls call a time-out. Score is 87-84 with 42 seconds on the clock. Bulls get fouled and Scottie May goes to the free throw line. May misses second free throw and another time-out is called with Portland possession with 31 seconds left. With 29 seconds on the clock the Bulls foul Hollins on the shot. Hollins misses the free throw and Bulls take possession. With 23 seconds on the clock, Norman pulls down two free throws with 13 seconds left. Portland calls a time-out. Portland takes ball in and hits 2-pointer, and Bulls call time-out. 10 seconds on the clock, Bulls take the ball in, Hollins steals from forward at half-court and hits a dunk, tying up the game with 7 seconds on the clock. The bulls take ball in again, Portland steals and Holland takes lay-up for 2 points, winning the game for Portland. The 1978 Bulls suck.

14:53Copy video clip URL Series of commercials featuring celebrity impersonators: Dracula, Lincoln, Washington, Columbus, Patton, Freud, Sherlock Holmes, Groucho Marx, Castro, etc. Tom Snyder introduces man who played these characters before tape cuts out.

16:25Copy video clip URL Color bars.

16:32Copy video clip URL End tape.



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