[Camcorder Tonight: Jody Procter #2]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

00:00 New York City cabbie Robert Demella says “If it’s not easy, if it’s not fast junk food for the mind, you don’t want to hear about it.”

01:15 News reporter Ed Rabel practices his speech over and over again.

02:00 News reporter Ed Rabel does report on NBC.

02:29 Jody Procter introduces the show. He talks to his producer about the tape of the cabbie. “I’d start walkin’ to work.” Procter: “I think TV needs enemies.”

04:50 Nancy Cain speaks a camera into the Nixon Museum and Birthplace. A woman in the restroom points out the architecture of the museum.

06:25 Clips of Nixon accepting inauguration.

06:49 Segment by Eddie Becker. Shots of money being printed in Washington D.C. Cameraman talks to Ron Weiss from Oklahoma, who says “I was amazed how much money could be printed in such a short time.” He talks about being a free mason. He talks about the degrees of masonry, which amount to a college education in the be liefs of masonry. He talks about the absence of explanations of Masonic symbols on dollar bill in the treasury. He says that the only secrets of Free Masonry are signs of identification.

12:00 Jody Procter talks between segments.

13:58 Andrew Jones segment on LA riots. Cesar Noriega, attorney, describes the city as in “a state of siege”. Mia Ruiz, a protester, says that the police seem unusually bored or tired for “the most exciting moment of their life.” Procter talks to his producer and decides to cut away to Andrew Jones in Iraq to act as a human shield. Very interesting and unusual cutaway/segue. He talks about Bush choosing to end a cease-fire with Iraq on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and the lack of gas masks in the peace camp.

18:30 Jody Procter and producer set up next segment, “Duck and Cover.”

19:33 “Duck and Cover” cartoon about avoiding nuclear injury by kneeling down.

20:15 Jody Procter introduces a segment on the inventor of Barbie dolls and her new business making prosthetic breasts.

21:00 Ruth Handler talks about business aspects of the industry, and says that unfortunately it is a growth industry, though she’d be happier if it declined.

23:38 She demonstrates the fitting of the prosthetic breast herself for the camera.

25:00 Jody Procter talks about filming the segment on Ruth Handler, and the easy of bringing camcorders into small locations, and remaining unobtrusive to subjects.

26:53 Skip Blumberg meets a girl on the street and walks and talks with her. Her name is Princess, and she says her mom is an Empress. She talks to Skip about walking to work, the people of the city, the city itself: “I wouldn’t give New York up for anything.” They talk about her fashion sense: “I’m a very colorful person.”

28:23 Procter and producer talk about segment. Procter signs off.

29:55 End of tape.



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