CamNet, episode 1401

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

02:01Copy video clip URL In Los Angeles, Judith Binder films Steve, a piano player, and Martha Sweet, a gospel singer, performing religious songs in an empty church. Some people watch them perform, many walk by as they leave the church.

10:25Copy video clip URL Martha Sweet talks about how she knew she wanted to become a gospel singer.

11:23Copy video clip URL Martha shows Judith her home and prepares for the Watts Summer Festival to rebuild Los Angeles where she will be performing.

13:01Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

15:00Copy video clip URL Martha sings in the car on the way to the festival–“God gave me the voice and I’ve always hoped for a way to show it to the world, hopefully, God will permit me to do that today.”

18:19Copy video clip URL Judith talks to a security men, specifically men of the Black Freedom Fighters Coalition. One man describes the as an “educational group designed to help our young brother and sister to learn about their history because they are not learning their actual history that has been a stolen legacy…it was time for black men to reach out to these youth and teach them about the magnificent history that we do have and that it didn’t start from slavery, but it started, say, 7,000 years ago.” He explains their uniforms and tells her they are 45 million strong.

22:32Copy video clip URL Judith speaks to children in the BFFC school. One says that it’s “not so much a school, it’s an organization about saving our people and being conscious.”

23:31Copy video clip URL She also speaks to the only girl in the group about being the only girl and what she wants from the organization. She also talks to the boys about having a girl in the group. They all say she isn’t treated any different but like a “treasure.”

27:24Copy video clip URL They show their outfits, especially the backs of their shirts which say “The Sleeping Giant has Awaken.” They explain that the riots are not riot, but rebellions and have “awaken a lot of people.”

30:27Copy video clip URL A group of young men perform on stage.

31:07Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

33:07Copy video clip URL Martha Sweet performs at the festival.

33:50Copy video clip URL Martha talks to another woman, a preacher, who loved her performance.

36:13Copy video clip URL A group of young girls performs about Jesus.

37:02Copy video clip URL Martha talks about rebuilding Los Angeles. “People are tired…it’s something to be a citizen…we need God to bless America” she says.

40:20Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

42:18Copy video clip URL Reverend Bennie Nelson talks about when he saw a man get beaten on the news. He discusses his desire to go and talk to the men who did the violence, despite the concern from his family. “I had a driving urge to get there…when I stepped out of my car it seemed like I stepped into Hell,” he said. He describes trying to talk the men out of being more violent, but they told him that this was not the place for that message. The Reverend also discusses laying on top of a man to prevent the rioters from killing him.

47:25Copy video clip URL The Reverend got his car to bring the man to the hospital and talked to other injured patients in the ER. He talks about how “divine guidance” helped him save those people.

49:20Copy video clip URL He discusses the ways his life has changed from that day and his sympathy for the men who were involved in the violence. “It’s the system that’s rejected them that they were lashing out at…you would be surprised of the love that they can exhibit if they have the chance,” he remarks.

51:35Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

53:32Copy video clip URL Martha sings “Amazing Grace” in the car for Judith.

54:32Copy video clip URL Credits roll over Martha’s performance.



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