[Carl McIntire Rough Edit]

A documentary about right wing preacher and radio host Carl McIntire's "March to Victory."

00:16Copy video clip URL A march, led by preacher Carl McIntire, who declares the dangers of communism through a megaphone. Videographer Eddie Becker walks alongside him with a microphone. 

01:12Copy video clip URL Images of the march, accompanied by the song “Onward Christian Soldiers.” 

01:58Copy video clip URL McIntire speaks about the history of his Marches to Victory, and about Richard Nixon speaking approvingly of their demonstrations in favor of the Vietnam War. 

03:03Copy video clip URL Images of the march, including a banner reading “Shelton College Mention in the Watergate Tapes.”

03:19Copy video clip URL Demonstrations against and for the Equal Rights Amendment, including an elderly woman shouting “ERA no!” and a group of younger woman chanting in favor of the ERA. A preacher tells Becker that he doesn’t agree with the women supporting the ERA because “what they really want is a gay rights amendment. They want to make it so that a man can marry a man just like a man can marry women. And we don’t want the curse of Sodom and Gomorrah on our country, that’s why we don’t want it. If every person of either sex can do what the other sex can do, then two men can get married, or two women can get married, and if we do that we’ve got Sodom and Gomorrah and we don’t need to have fire falling from heaven on us.”

04:19Copy video clip URL A marcher in a suit and a hard hat sings about a “prophet from Canada” and speaks about the blessings provided by Jesus and about wanting to “fire” the president.  Becker speaks to a fellow marcher who claims not to know the man and affirms his support for Ronald Reagan. 

05:49Copy video clip URL Interviews with supporters of McIntire, who came to the event because they listen to McIntire on the radio. This includes a Nazi who shares an issue of the newspaper White Power with Becker. He talks of wanting a future in which the races are separated. One of his fellow Nazis declares support for McIntire while claiming that he does not go far enough in condemning Jewish people for creating Communism. A member of McIntire’s group shows up to claim that McIntire did not invite the Nazis or other fringe groups to his march. 

07:57Copy video clip URL Speeches from march organizers and from McIntire. One speaker enthusiastically speaks about his gratitude that Jimmy Carter is no longer the president. McIntire bemoans the firing of General MacArthur during the Korean War. He talks about a loss of spirit and honor in the country. 

11:15Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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