Carol Marin Awards Composite

Segments reported by Carol Marin for Channel 5, including: El Rukn gang, National Guard cleanup of condo site, crooked cop Albert Cartwright, American farm dilemma, and Chicago drag club The Baton.

00:10Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Carol Marin reporting for Channel 5 on the El Rukn Street gang. 

4:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a new report about a clean-up at a private condo site by the National Guard. She talks about the controversy of using a government resource for a private project.

7:36Copy video clip URL Cut to a report about a Chicago police officer, Albert Cartwright who used his position to take nude photos of underage girls.

12:51Copy video clip URL Cut to a report on the “American Farm Dilemma,” or the struggle for farmers to make enough money to continue running a farm. She speaks with a farming family struggling to make ends meet.

16:28Copy video clip URL Cut to a report on the Chicago drag club, The Baton. They speak about political and police conflict in the history of the club.

20:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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