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Chip Lord interviews Skip Blumberg about his 1978 Plymouth Valiant. In February of 1990 Lord and friends travel to Berlin to view the Berlin Wall during its destruction.

00:00Copy video clip URL Start video. Greyscale bars.

00:28Copy video clip URL Ant Farm Logo.

00:47Copy video clip URL Greyscale bars. Voice-over: “Start eight. 88/04/24. This is going in the mail Monday so it should reach you by the end of the week chip.

0:56Copy video clip URL Cars and Owners No. 4.  San Francisco, 1978.  Black and white video (part of an ongoing still photo and video series).  Videographer Chip Lord interviews Skip Blumberg about his new 1978 Plymouth Valiant.  Skip: “I like this car because it looks very normal and regular…I don’t care too much for cars, really…As long as it works and I don’t hate it, it’s fine.”  He talks about how he decided to buy the car and has us listen to the engine.  At the end, he has us look in the trunk – “You know what I keep around here – my real set of wheels!” and rolls away on his roller skates.

02:19Copy video clip URL Lord: “I thought a Valiant was a compact but this looks full size?” Blumberg assures the videographer this is a full sized car.

02:41Copy video clip URL B-roll of Blumberg fixing interior door handle with Epoxy. Blumberg notes he looked at cars for a long time before purchasing this one.

03:28Copy video clip URL Blumberg opens the hood of the Valiant to examine the engine. Blumberg expresses concern over the condition of the engine. He wants the camera to record him overturning the engine to record the sound it makes for reference. Blumberg notes it’s a clean engine. His mechanic said it looked pretty good. He puts the microphone against various spots int he engine: the spark plug, generator, etc.

04:58Copy video clip URL The Plymouth Valiant is compared side by side with a Dodge Dart. He says the prices he was seeing though were upwards of one thousand dollars. He bought his Valient for eight-hundred.

05:45Copy video clip URL B-roll of Blumberg starts engine and drives off in the Valiant.

06:14Copy video clip URL B-roll of Blumberg driving. He explains that he found his Plymouth Valiant through an ad in the paper. The owner told him to meet at a parking lot on the Embarcadaro. A fire truck rolls past, interrupting the interview. Blumberg adds that the Valient is such an American car, safe and strong … and clean. He shows his roller skates in the truck, then puts them on and skates away.

08:25Copy video clip URL Title card: “AND FINALLY, THE OPINION OF AN EXPERT.”

08:29Copy video clip URL The expert, an older man, describes the difference between the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. Basically they’re the same car. The Dart is the most popular used car in the US. The difference in gas consumption is not more than one or two miles per gallon. He says Blumberg’s car is in good shape. He thinks it should have power steering. In mid-sentence the audio fades and the image fades to black.

09:27Copy video clip URL Title card: Copyright  1978 CHIP LORD.

09:31Copy video clip URL Black. A voice over notes: “Chip I like your style. I just put a few things together.”

09:38Copy video clip URL End segment.

09:40Copy video clip URL Start new segment. B-roll of Maxi Cohen and Fran conversing near the Berlin Wall in 1990. The area is filled with people chipping away at the wall and looking at souvenir pieces of concrete.

10:41Copy video clip URL  A professional video crew shoots a Merchant selling pieces of the Berlin Wall among other items.

11:04Copy video clip URL Cohen and Lord Walk into East Berlin Through a hole in the wall. They scan their new surroundings and discuss where to walk.

12:05Copy video clip URL Cohen asks a German artist why there are sheets of grass placed on the wall and why people paint it. He says he is doing this to cover up the inhuman gray and add some color. They continue chatting with the man while the videographer shoots b-roll of the Berlin Wall.

13:22Copy video clip URL Cohen and Fran purchase pieces of the Berlin Wall from merchant set up directly in front of the wall. One of the ladies holds a piece of the wall and says to Lord it has his name on it. “It’s a “chip” from the wall.” They laugh.

15:52Copy video clip URL Man spray-paints an “S” on patches of grass laid along the wall.

16:09Copy video clip URL B-roll of people cross the border between West and East Germany.

16:40Copy video clip URL Cohen places sticker which reads “HOW MUCH IS REALLY TRUE?” on the wall.

17:20Copy video clip URL Cohen attempts to cross the official border between West and East Germany. The exchange cannot be heard, but she is denied access.

18:32Copy video clip URL B-roll of Cohen as she attempts to chip off a piece of the wall.

19:25Copy video clip URL Fran chips off a piece of the wall.

19:51Copy video clip URL Close up of piece of Berlin Wall.

20:16Copy video clip URL End Tape.



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