[Rostenkowski on Newsmakers] – [news reports on Cabrini sweeps]

This tape begins in the middle of the program "Newsmakers," where Walter Jacobson is interviewing Dan Rostenkowski. After this program ends, the tape records news reports from several different Chicago stations (2, 5, & 7) on police sweeps at Cabrini Green following an outbreak of violence. While the police announced the raids a success, many residents questioned the move as being for show.

0:00Copy video clip URL Tape starts in the middle of an interview between Walter Jacobson and Dan Rostenkowski on the program “Newsmakers.”

0:22Copy video clip URL Commercial for mail-in offer for Mario Lanza recording.

0:59Copy video clip URL Walter Jacobson and Dan Rostenkowski discuss Alexander Haig’s approval as Secretary of State. Jacobson and Rostenkowski talk about Rostenkowski’s shift away from Chicago liberalism, towards liberal conservatism. Jacobson questions Rosty on how the Reagan administration will deal with the Iran situation.

5:15Copy video clip URL Jacobson asks Rosty about rumors that he wants to run for mayor, to which he responds, “I have always taken the position that every citizen of this community should want to be the mayor of the city of Chicago. That doesn’t mean that I’m a candidate.” Rosty discusses Mayor Jane Byrne’s chances of reelection, and her chances in running against potential candidate Richard M. Daley. Although Daley is not a candidate, he appears to be favored to win in 1983.

8:09Copy video clip URL Jacobson signs off.

8:21Copy video clip URL Tape switches channels to a report by John Quinones of Channel 2 News on an in-process police raid of empty Cabrini Green apartments. A police officer talks about inspecting apartments to be sure all tenants/squatters were out. While the police mostly found abandoned apartments, they did find the barrel of a shotgun allegedly used in a recent murder, plus drug paraphernalia, and are calling the raid a success.

09:31Copy video clip URL Tenant calls the raid a waste of time and money.

09:51Copy video clip URL Back in the station, the anchor announces that, following a manhunt, Gregory Sharp was arrested and charged with a recent Cabrini Green murder. He allegedly killed someone for pawning his gun in order to buy drugs. Another suspect, James Lawson, was also arrested as an accomplice.

10:22Copy video clip URL A different anchor reports on increased responsibility at the 18th district court near Cabrini Green in an effort to speed up processing.

10:44Copy video clip URL Channel change. From outside Cabrini Green, reporter Carol Marin for Newscenter 5 questions the value of the Cabrini sweeps.

10:58Copy video clip URL Cabrini resident says the police are only trying to impress the mayor and that the vacant apartments were actually vacant and not crime scenes. Marin: “There were no arrests and the biggest find of the day was the barrel of a shotgun believed to be the murder weapon in Cabrini’s latest killing. Beyond that, only two daggers, 21 syringes, and some other drug paraphernalia were discovered.”

11:32Copy video clip URL Deputy Chief John Hinchy, detective division, describes the operation as a success.

11:44Copy video clip URL Marin calls the police presence mainly symbolic, and says that it will nevertheless continue to grow as Mayor Byrne prepares to move in to Cabrini.

11:58Copy video clip URL Back in the studio, a female anchor reports on the murder charges for Gregory Sharp and James Lawson.

12:29Copy video clip URL Channel changes again. A Cabrini resident talks to a Channel 7 reporter about how proper signs were not posted pointing out vacancies, and then the footage switches back to the anchor, who reports on recent violence at Cabrini.

13:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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