Chicago Slices, episode 9301

1:06Copy video clip URL Cold Open with Ben Hollis. “Streetwise… Hi, my name is Ben. You’re watching WPWR, Channel 50… Do you miss me?”

1:33Copy video clip URL Opening.

2:00Copy video clip URL Tonnight’s Show: “This week, Kennedy woman Tammi Smith, El Rider Christian Smith, Milly Mae Smithy, and we begin with Jack the Bike Messenger.”

2:20Copy video clip URL Jack Blackfelt. Camera follows bike messenger through downtown traffic. Blackfelt relates a little life philosophy, what it takes to be a good rider, and demonstrates how he navigates Chicago traffic.

6:54Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

7:56Copy video clip URL What the El intro with Judy Markey: “We’re getting on the EL right now and we’re going to do something that everybody in Chicago always does which is stand there and pretend that you’re really bored and see someone and wonder what their story is.”

8:29Copy video clip URL What the El O’Hare Line with Judy Markey: Park Ridge resident Judy Schon guesses age,occupation,family, and marital status of Chicagoan Christian Smith…she’s pretty far off.

13:43Copy video clip URL Here’s My Story. Lisa and her cat sing the Mickey Mouse theme song.

15:03Copy video clip URL Lindsay Wolfe Fossil Girl:  An eight-year-old girl from the North side tells her story about a dinosaur bone she (or her dad?) found in the backyard. Her teacher, neighbor, mom and dad tell their widely-ranging versions of the story.

18:28Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

19:27Copy video clip URL Kennedy Women Intro

20:27Copy video clip URL Tammi Smith: Flagger/construction worker Tammi Smith shares her tricks for stopping traffic and describes what she sees from her perspective.

24:38Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy a.k.a Milly Mae Smith performs “I Am Woman” at Park West.

25:51Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:53Copy video clip URL Credit Roll w/ Charlotte Rutledge playing drums in storefront church under credits.



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