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  • Chicago Slices – A Slice of Summer 1993

    Chicago Slices – A Slice of Summer 1993

    Chicago Slices was a local television series we produced 24 years ago. They were half-hour programs with four minutes of commercials, broadcast on independent channel 50, now owned by Fox TV. We created it to show interesting and offbeat local characters in short videos. As with many of the pioneering programs archived on Media Burn, it was an audience, critical and artistic success, but wasn’t financially viable for commercial television. Here’s a small slice of Chicago Slices from 1993. Watch the … Continue reading

  • Bike Messenger Jack Blackfelt- A Fresh Look

    Bike Messenger Jack Blackfelt- A Fresh Look

    “I get paid good money to just be who I am: a freak on wheels.” -Jack Blackfelt We have more than 7000 videos in our archive.  Most portray interesting people at a particular moment in their lives.  One great thing about video is its ability for people to watch many years later and provide perspective about how they’ve changed. This is the first of these updates we will be doing. This update features footage of colorful bike messenger Jack Blackfelt that was … Continue reading

  • The Legacy of Chernobyl

    The Legacy of Chernobyl

    “I can see war. I cannot see radiation. I look around one day and I am dead.” —Dick Gregory, 1979 Illinois is a state of nuclear renown. The first ever atomic chain reaction took place at the University of Chicago in 1942. In 1960 the nation’s first full-scale, privately financed nuclear power plant, Dresden Generating Station, opened in northern Illinois. Today, Illinois continues to be the number one nuclear power producer in the U.S. and a nexus of the debate around … Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Marc Smith]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Marc Smith]

    Raw footage for “Chicago Slices,” a series documenting life in and around Chicago, that aired on WPWR-50 in the early 1990s. This video covers the semi-final of a poetry slam at the Green Mill, and consists mostly of short clips of various poets, as well as Marc Smith’s entire poem. Continue reading

  • [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    Short highlight reel of Tom Weinberg’s career for his Silver Circle Award presented by the Chicago / Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Wanda And Lilli #1]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Wanda And Lilli #1]

    This tape is a raw interview shot for “Chicago Slices.” Valjean McLenighan interviews her mother and godmother, Wanda McLenighan and Lilian Bender. The two women, who have been friends since 1914, travel to their old neighborhood and talk about their childhood growing up in the Ukranian Village. Wanda and Lilian go on to visit the schools that they attended during their childhood and teenage years. Later in the video, the three women eat lunch at a Polish restaurant. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Dinosaur Bones]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Dinosaur Bones]

    Raw footage for “Chicago Slices,” a television series about life in Chicago. This video features Lindsay Wolfe, an 8 year old girl who found dinosaur teeth and a femur in her yard. Lindsay is interviewed at her home, along with her parents and her teacher. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Roger Bain]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Roger Bain]

    Raw footage for “Chicago Slices,” a series about everyday life in Chicago. In this video, Roger Bain, an advertising executive who works from his basement, performs at the club “At the Tracks” with his band “The Geckos.” Bain’s band uses goofy lyrics, singing songs about topics such as being bald and wearing glasses, weather ladies, spoiling your wife, golf, and lunch. Continue reading

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