[Chicago Slices raw : darts #1]

Raw footage shot for the series Chicago Slices. One regular segment involves asking passersby to throw a dart at a map of Chicagoland, and then traveling to that location to see what they find. This tape features: State/Madison, Central/Arlington Heights, Cuba Rd./Deer Pk.

00:00Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis and a woman fold a large map of Chicago, then open it at the corner of Madison and State in downtown Chicago.

01:50Copy video clip URL The host, Ben Hollis, asks a man named Claude to throw a dart at the large Chicago map, to help decide where the episode will go. It lands around Mount Prospect.

03:30Copy video clip URL The cameraman interviews a woman named Denise and she does an introduction to Chicago Slices.

04:20Copy video clip URL At the Washington train stop, still carrying the Chicago map, they wait for the Red Line train and talk about their route to the randomly chosen location.

09:00Copy video clip URL The host and his cameraman transfer trains, and then de-board at the Armitage stop.

10:57Copy video clip URL Now in the car driving on the Kennedy Expressway, the host continues the journey to the dart’s landing point. Along the way, the camera shoots the view out of the car window.

20:40Copy video clip URL Ben sees a sign welcoming them to Arlington Heights, and they pull off the road.

22:00Copy video clip URL At Central and Cleveland in Arlington Heights, Ben introduces the show. He stops a couple walking through a parking lot with a baby. He talks to them about the neighborhood, and then follows them inside of the Mid America Title Company where they are refinancing their home. Inside the office, Ben introduces himself to the receptionist and the rest of the employees.

27:30Copy video clip URL Ben talks to the receptionist, Amilyn Sweeney. She says the neighborhood has a good university, and is very safe. They ask her to throw a dart at the map to determine the next location. She throws the dart and it lands in Deer Park near Barrington, just across the line into Lake County. They leave the office to head to their next destination.

32:00Copy video clip URL More driving footage on the road to Deer Park.

34:07Copy video clip URL Ben provides a summary of the first stop while driving to the next.

38:40Copy video clip URL Ben pulls into Lake Zurich Middle School, the point that the dart landed on.

39:40Copy video clip URL Ben interviews a woman who is waiting for her child to come out of the school. She says the neighborhood is a great place to be, and that the people are very nice. She says there is a wide variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Her son Drew is in the seventh grade, and is about to finish basketball practice for the day. Ben asks her to throw the dart for the next location.

43:00Copy video clip URL She throws the dart and it lands in South Barrington.  Then Ben talks to Drew about basketball.

46:13Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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