[Chicago Slices raw: Rutledge Sisters]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series documenting life in and around Chicago. This video is a continuation of two previous videos featuring the Rutledge sisters, Charlotte and Denise, who sing Gospel music with incredible talent and spirit. They are accompanied by their father on the keyboard and a few other musicians at a Gospel Fest held in a church.

00:00Copy video clip URL Introduction of the Rutledge Singers at the Gospel Fest. The girls, seated in the crowd, approach the front of the church in pink dresses. Their mother takes the microphone and gets the crowd warmed up with some quick prayers, praises, and introduction of her daughters and husband.

02:29Copy video clip URL The girls sing their first song.

07:20Copy video clip URL They finish up the song, and their father inspires the crowd, asking them to sing along a few lines in an encore. They move right into their next song.

12:30Copy video clip URL They finish their second song, and another man says a few words on the microphone.

13:12Copy video clip URL They move into their third song, inviting the crowd to get into the spirit of the music.

16:00Copy video clip URL They finish the song and make their way back to their seats. The music continues with people getting up, clapping their hands, and moving to the beat.

19:30Copy video clip URL Cut to hallway outside the church, where two boys talk about the candy they’re selling and ask, “Is this going go be on TV?”

20:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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