[Club LaRay Talent Show (February 24, 1987)]

A talent show and drag competition at Chicago music and performance venue Club LaRay, followed by a DJ set featuring early House music with footage of club patrons dancing. Significant distortion throughout the tape.

00:10Copy video clip URL The host, Larry Williams, along with his co-host Tasha Thomas, begins with announcements, including reminding attendees that they need ID to enter Club LaRay (even though he knows it’s “not fair”) and congratulating Mayor Harold Washington for being “ahead in the polls. And maybe he’ll be our next mayor for the next four years! Yeah, I mean clap! Come on! Show some enthusiasm!” He introduces the staff: Duane, Robert, Brian, Kareem, Mr. Ronnie Estridge, manager James Beard, front door security Stan and Jerry. The stage/performance area is centered around stairs and a landing. A poster supporting Harold Washington is tacked up on the back of the performance area. 

02:08Copy video clip URL Tasha Thomas lists upcoming events, including performances by Candy Jones and Millie Jackson (“Wonderful performer. She ain’t all that pretty but the b*tch is talented!”).

03:35Copy video clip URL Williams starts the show by singing along to Dan Hartman’s “I Can Dream About You.” 

07:33Copy video clip URL After reminding the crowd to tip their bartenders, Williams introduces the evening’s first performer, a guest artist (not a contestant), “Miss Gladys Knight herself… Miss Lady Ashley!”

08:25Copy video clip URL Lady Ashley performs to Ecstasy, Passion, and Pain’s song “Touch and Go.” 

15:45Copy video clip URL Williams returns to introduce another guest artist, Miss Brown Sugar. 

16:07Copy video clip URL Sugar performs to Natalie Cole’s “I’m Catching Hell (Living Here Alone).”

23:35Copy video clip URL Thomas returns to introduce the first contestant of the evening, Mr. Bruce Lee Ellis. 

24:33Copy video clip URL Ellis, wearing a tank top and white slacks, sings along to Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Reasons,” playing the band’s live version from the album Gratitude. During the extended finale, Williams repeatedly attempts to get Ellis to wrap it up.

33:05Copy video clip URL Williams returns. Brief pause in the show as Williams addresses something backstage. 

34:12Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Taymon Amour, who performs to “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from the musical Dreamgirls.

38:35Copy video clip URL Williams introduces the third contestant, Mr. T, who performs to Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” 

42:20Copy video clip URL Williams introduces contestant four, Scott, who performs to Billie Holiday’s “‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do” which then segues into the dance cover/remix of “Nobody’s Business” by Billie/Boyd Jarvis.

53:34Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Jimmy, the fifth contestant. Jimmy, who performs to Freddie Jackson’s “Just Like the First Time.” 

57:31Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Katrina, contestant six. Wearing white pancake makeup and an angular red wig imitating Grace Jones’ look in the movie Vamp, Katrina performs to the Jones song “Seduction Surrender.” Katrina removes a billowing red dress to reveal a shiny black dress underneath. 

63:25Copy video clip URL Williams credits more staff. Lights: Marcel. Camera: Larry Elsie. He reminds prospective contestants that they need to arrive at the club by 8pm if they want to compete and then introduces, Tiny, a guest artist.

64:25Copy video clip URL Tiny performs.

70:20Copy video clip URL Williams returns. Some microphone problems. He introduces the next contestants, Def Crew.

71:05Copy video clip URL Def Crew, a trio, raps. They drop the mic as they walk off stage. 

74:10Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Ron, who performs to “Bad Luck” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. 

77:48Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Lady Pisces, who performs to Millie Jackson’s version “(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right.” 

89:22Copy video clip URL Williams introduces Tim, who performs to Freddie Jackson’s “Have You Ever Loved Somebody.”

93:00Copy video clip URL Williams announces that only two contestants remain. He announces the next performer, Tina Tech, who performs to Donna Summer’s “Romeo.” 

97:40Copy video clip URL Williams announces Candy Love, who performs to Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay.” 

103:45Copy video clip URL Williams returns and tells the judges they have a few minutes to tally up their votes while Tasha Thomas performs. A group performs to dialogue and the song “It’s All Over” from the musical Dreamgirls.

112:35Copy video clip URL Before Williams calls the contestants and guest artists back out, Thomas introduces the performers who joined her, Karen Love, Brandon Wood, and Lady Ashley, “The Original Cotton Club Revue.” 

116:50Copy video clip URL Announcing the winners. The top prize goes to Tim. Thomas returns to remind people of upcoming events. Another man makes an announcement about LaRay’s Raiders, the club’s basketball team, which will be playing the Club Rialto basketball team for the championship of the league, made up of all the gay bars in Chicago. He makes a plea for bar patrons to come watch: “If ten or fifteen of you would come to the game, that would satisfy me to the utmost. If Rialto can have people come to the game and that bar stinks, and this is the hottest bar in town and we can’t get any of you people to come to the game, that’s pretty sorry.”

120:40Copy video clip URL The dance setlist begins with Miles Maeda’s “Make Some Love (Love Exchange Mix).” The camera pans across the crowd. 

132:10Copy video clip URL Another track: “Can’t you see I’m falling head over heels with you.”

137:20Copy video clip URL Another track, a bass-heavy  mix that segues into Marshall Jefferson’s “Ride the Rhythm.”

144:05Copy video clip URL A segue into Nitro Deluxe’s “Let’s Get Brutal.” The camera operator zooms in and out on the dancers as they pan across the crowd. 

150:30Copy video clip URL Another track, “Party People Jack Your Body (House Mix)” by Lidell Townsell.

153:20Copy video clip URL ESG’s “Standing in Line.” 

156:23Copy video clip URL Yellow House’s “Jack My Body.” 

158:12Copy video clip URL Another track, an instrumental. 

163:50Copy video clip URL Another track, an instrumental.

169:12Copy video clip URL “Pleasure Control,” by On the House. 

172:36Copy video clip URL Frankie Hollywood & Ricky D’s “Feel the Fire.” The DJ comes on the microphone to announce the track and wish Ricky D. a happy birthday. 

177:35Copy video clip URL “Give Yourself to Me” by Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. 

180:45Copy video clip URL Marshall Jefferson’s “The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)” mixed with “Feel the Fire.” 

189:45Copy video clip URL Darryl Pandy’s “Love Can’t Turn Around (Houseapella),” mixed into an extended version of “Party People Jack Your Body.” The camera operator focuses on a dancer doing splits and rolling around on the dance floor. 

202:51Copy video clip URL Adonis’ “No Way Back,” mixed into Adonis’s “We’re Rocking Down the House.” 

207:49Copy video clip URL Segue into another track, “House rhythm, house rhythm.” Substantial distortion, picture and sound disrupted. 

213:20Copy video clip URL Another track, ESP’s “It’s You,” which segues into Master C & J’s “”Face It.”

218:58Copy video clip URL Nightlife Unlimited’s “Peaches & Prunes.” A group 

223:50Copy video clip URL Another track, Ecstasy, Passion, & Pain’s “Touch and Go.” 

229:08Copy video clip URL Segue into Chip E’s “It’s House.” 

232:22Copy video clip URL Segue into Chip E’s “Time to Jack.” 

236:30Copy video clip URL Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” 

244:45Copy video clip URL J.M. Silk’s “I Can’t Turn Around (House Mix).” 

249:15Copy video clip URL Machine’s “There But for the Grace of God Go I.” 

252:20Copy video clip URL A reprise of “Feel the Fire.”

260:08Copy video clip URL During a reprise of “Party People Jack Your Body” the DJ comes on the microphone to announce last call. 

266:50Copy video clip URL The DJ announces that the club is closed for the night. No sound as the club slowly empties.



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