[Ed Paschke crime tour, tape 2]

Camera original footage shot for "Ed Paschke: The Man Behind the Mask." In this tape, Paschke tours Chicago, pointing out the sites of famous crimes.

0:01Copy video clip URL Ed Paschke stands before an apartment building in a residential neighborhood, and tells the story of a robbery and murder that had occurred within recently. The cameraman wanders through the grounds of the apartment complex as Paschke continues to speak in the background. He mentions the scene of Richard Speck’s crimes in Calumet Harbor.

2:46Copy video clip URL Paschke sits in the passenger seat of a car, which shortly pulls away from the previous location. He and Ceaser discuss the video editing process. After a cut indicating the passage of some time, he talks about the spontaneous nature of violent crime. He and the interviewer discuss the recent Charles Stuart murder case. As they drive on, he brings up he William Heirens case, mentioning specifically the outcry that greets his parole hearings.

8:55Copy video clip URL Close-up on Paschke as he tells the story of Heirens’s crimes. The camera loses the shot, and Ceaser talks about he insomnia off-screen.

11:40Copy video clip URL Paschke remains in the passengers seat as the car approaches the site of Allen Dorfman’s murder. After a cut, Paschke stands in the parking lot next to the “purple Hyatt” and tells the story of how Dorfman was killed. Various footage of the immediate surroundings as Paschke talks to the interviewer. A police car parks closeby and officers approach the crew. After a cut, Paschke and the crew briefly talk to offscreen policemen about the incident. He asks if they want to appear in the program, they laugh and refuse. 

16:07Copy video clip URL Paschke has returned to the passenger seat, and the car leaves the parking lot. Ceaser asks him about Man Parrish. The car drives to Heirens’s house, parks before it, and Paschke explains his history. He wonders if the house’s current occupants know they story.

19:35Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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