[The Ed Davis Band in Newport 2]

Cincinnati-based punk musicians The Ed Davis Band (aka The Ed Davis All-Artists Band) plays a concert in a small performance space.

00:01Copy video clip URL Ed Davis speaks to the audience: “Ladies and Gentleman, the Ed Davis All-Artists Band.” They play the first song, a discordant, fast punk song. Audience members flop around on the floor in front of the band. 

01:43Copy video clip URL A cover of “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks. 

04:45Copy video clip URL The band plays their first single, “Keith Richards Dead,” preceded by the lead singer telling the crowd “sorry about the Rolling Stones.” 

08:02Copy video clip URL The band plays “Fuck Each Other,” which the singer introduces as “a song by a Cincinnati band.” 

12:22Copy video clip URL The drummer introduces the next song: “This one’s for Mom, baby, cuz she is my baby.” They play a cover of “Be My Baby.” 

15:27Copy video clip URL The band takes a short break. 

15:55Copy video clip URL The next song is “going straight to Don Kirshner,” the singer says. They play “95 Amplified.” 

22:04Copy video clip URL The “last number” is preceded by the singer discussing needing to break through whatever’s holding them back. 

23:09Copy video clip URL The final song, “Lari Ann.” 

26:17Copy video clip URL Band members and audience standing around after the show. The singer speaks to the camera operator about the recording. The rest of the best tunes their instruments in the background. 



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