[El Rukn Home Video #1]

Home video taken of Jeff Fort's El Rukn organization during a feast. Featured in Carol Marin's documentary, Angel of Fear.

00:29Copy video clip URL Camera opens on an El Rukn party. Camera walks around the room, shooting different people. Kids jump in front of the camera. Special focus is put on El Rukn leaders.

2:50Copy video clip URL Static. Cut back to the party. Music playing. People talking or dancing. Camera continues moving around the room.

20:47Copy video clip URL Static. Cut back to the party. More people dancing.

32:11Copy video clip URL Audio stops and tape fast forwards. Return to party. Camera zooms in. Camera is extremely staticky. Continue to fast forward.

40:42Copy video clip URL El Rukn Leadership enters the room. Music continues playing. Camera fast forwards alternating with real time footage. Staticky footage of the party continues.

57:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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