[Erotic Arts Coloring Book 1]

This tape features artist-performer Richard Milone interviewing people on the street about an Erotic Arts Coloring Book.

00:03Copy video clip URL A handheld camera moves around the video tape case and video equipment. 

00:24Copy video clip URL Richard Milone exits a New York apartment building and approaches the camera and exclaims “All right man it’s like far out!” He then talks about the music playing on a cassette tape and opens his mouth wide to breathe directly onto the camera lens. 

1:21Copy video clip URL Richard exists a van and begins talking to people on the sidewalk. He’s carrying a big pad that reads “Erotic Art Coloring Book.” A woman named Cheryl helps him out. He’s playing music on a cassette tape. A crowd has formed around the two of them. 

03:34Copy video clip URL He interviews a young woman about what she thinks of the coloring book, which doesn’t interest her or her friend.

04:45Copy video clip URL A young man – white with black hair – tells him that the coloring book “is not my bag” and that coloring books are for children. He asks if the coloring book is supposed to be “some sort of psychotherapy.”

7:27Copy video clip URL A young man with an afro and a mustache looks through a book that’s been colored in. Richard explains that he’s “the cat that did the original drawings” and that he sells the books in stores because he thinks that people should not stop coloring when they become adults. 

09:42Copy video clip URL Richard speaks to a young woman in glasses and a big coat about her parents and about the book.

11:14Copy video clip URL A group of teenaged boys flip through the book while Richard tries to get people to talk to him about St. Valentine’s Day. 

13:12Copy video clip URL Richard talks with a young man with dark, messy hair and the teenagers about the book’s historical scope and its content. “Man I must admit that is a horny girl,” one of the teenagers says. 

18:20Copy video clip URL One of the teenagers begins drawing in the book on its final pages, which had been left blank. 

20:50Copy video clip URL Richard talks to a number of people on the sidewalk, including a teenager whose father he knows.

24:15Copy video clip URL A man flips through the book and asks the interviewer questions about it. They then talk about their evenings while the camera operator films people who mug for the camera. 

26:53Copy video clip URL A bystander with glasses and sideburns tells the interviewer that the book isn’t actually very erotic. An old man starts yelling at the camera about war. A young bystander keeps antogonizing him while the interviewer monologizes about fear and keeps repeating the phrase “Dig it.”

29:52Copy video clip URL Bystanders flip through the book as a bearded man jokingly says that he’s Lawrence Daniel Pritchard, “better known as Jesus Christ.”



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