[Wired In raw: Jamie Fenton follow up #2]

The tape features raw footage shot for a television show called "Wired In." While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. In this video, Jamie (Jay) Fenton of Bally/Midway discusses the current state of video games in America and demos the current game she is working on. Note: Jamie Fenton is a trans woman. Even though she was presenting as male at the time this footage was originally recorded, these notes refer to her using her proper gender.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:52Copy video clip URL Open on Jamie Fenton at her desk. She first begins to talk about the longevity of video games. “Video games have been around for like twelve years and they have always been popular and it’s always been growing. Certainly people are going to wind up maybe not playing them as much as they do now but they’ll still play them a lot and we’ll still keep trying to come up with new ones. So I think the worst thing I can expect to happen is it might peak out then calm down a little bit and then when the next fad comes along, well shazzam, it’ll go up again.” Fenton goes on to make a comparison between the video game world and the film industry. “I think now we’re at the same place motion pictures were when you know you had to go put a nickel in a nickelodeon and turn a little crank to see the movie, and that eventually we’re going to come up with systems for playing video games that are going to be far more exciting and fun and involving than we have now.”

02:51Copy video clip URL Fenton talks about the number of video game magazines that have come on the market in the midst of the video game boom. Fenton then expresses her hopes for the future of video gaming. “I certainly hope that video games keep going. If they fail, well I’ll get into something else…I guess there’s two fears: one is that it’ll just subside and the other one is that the government will realize that these are addictive devices and go deal with them the same way they’ve dealt with any other addictive device which of course is to regulate its use.”

04:17Copy video clip URL Fenton begins to talk about her newest video game tentatively titled, “Ms Gorf.” Fenton describes what is going on in the video game and begins to demo the game for the crew. This lasts for several minutes.

11:10Copy video clip URL The videomakers ask Fenton about some of her other hobbies. Fenton explains that she loves her work in video games and video production. She also talks about her love for flying airplanes. Fenton also talks about a eye problem she has developed through her work in the video game industry.

14:42Copy video clip URL Fenton talks about a video game convention she had attended in the past and briefly talks about the debut of the Adventures of Robby Roto video game.

17:12Copy video clip URL Fenton provides audio for a video game she demos for the videomakers. This gets cut off by the end of the tape.

17:26Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. MENTD says:

    Jaime rocks and I wish she’d at least release the source for Ms.Gorf.

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