[Love Family 17: The Great Outdoor Yurt]

Footage recorded at the Love Family ranch in Oregon.

00:01Copy video clip URL Horses in a field. Color tinting varies throughout shot. 

02:21Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson runs through a field toward a yurt. People are unloading soil from a truck near the yurt. Evenson continues towards other yurts. 

5:15Copy video clip URL A tractor pulls a bed of logs across the field. More shots of the yurts in the distance. 

07:20Copy video clip URL Cutting logs into boards. Shot of a sign reading “Israel” in the workspace. 

11:55Copy video clip URL The field. Yurts are visible on the far side of the field. 

13:14Copy video clip URL A sign reading “Sanctuary. Please enter [illegible] prayerfully with peace under your feet. God Bless You. Family Counsel. Please park here and walk in.” Another sign reading “Israel” outdoors. 

13:52Copy video clip URL Cutting boards. 

14:57Copy video clip URL Building a house. Some visual distortion. 

15:40Copy video clip URL Visual static



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