[Group Treatment]

A group counseling session in which five women discuss the difficulties that they have had in their relationships with each other, followed by conversations with attendees at a gathering about policy towards senior citizens.

00:14Copy video clip URL A narrator explains the purpose of group treatment: “Group treatment is a counseling method for individuals who have difficulties in some aspects of social relationships. The group represents a microcosmic social situation where people engage in similar transactions as in their ordinary social relationships, striving for acceptance, belonging, affection, and personal effectiveness. Through transactions in the group, clients reveal their patterns of interpersonal behaviors reflective of their attitudes, feelings, expectations, and self-regards. The effectiveness of treatment lies in the group as the change agent as people not only give mutual support but also confront one another through each other’s self-defeating attitudes and behaviors as manifested in group interactions…. This is a group of women who all had difficulties in their relationships with important persons in their lives. All had difficulty appropriately asserting themselves, feelings as though they had no option, and dealing with their unsatisfactory personal relationships…” The camera films the group of women from a high angle, seemingly on the ceiling. 

02:21Copy video clip URL The women talk to each about their relationships. Mary Ann begins. 

04:30Copy video clip URL Juanita discusses her own difficulties. 

08:37Copy video clip URL The narrator explains that the group members are trying to get Mary Ann to articulate exactly what she wants in relationships. 

12:30Copy video clip URL In a different session, Mary Ann and the other members discuss the positive changes that they’ve seen in Mary Ann. Lula talks to the group about her depression and her difficulties with her husband. The therapist asks the group to talk about Lula. 

20:15Copy video clip URL Lula talks about her feelings of anger and guilt that she had not tried hard enough in her relationship. The group members comfort her. 

26:17Copy video clip URL A young woman reporter speaks to several people at a gathering about television and newspaper sensationalism and about portrayals of senior citizens. One elderly woman details what senior citizens can do to change policies. 



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