[Seagulls / Love Family 3: Wainwright House]

Images of seagulls and waves, followed by footage of the Love Family traveling into New York in a series of colorful buses.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of seagulls, waves, and boats. 

11:53Copy video clip URL Adults playing games with children outside of the Love Family’s buses in a parking lot. Adults wander, doing chores and singing. A woman brushes a man’s hair. 

19:19Copy video clip URL More songs. People singing along. 

22:59Copy video clip URL A conversation about the group’s destination. More songs. 

25:09Copy video clip URL On the road. The buses communicate with each other by walkie talkie. 

30:25Copy video clip URL A break by the side of the road, then back on the highway. 

35:52Copy video clip URL Crossing the George Washington Bridge into New York. 

40:31Copy video clip URL Parking. The buses pull into the driveway of Wainwright House in Rye, New York. 

42:58Copy video clip URL The Love Family hanging around on the lawn. No sound as they sit in a circle for what appears to be some kind of Bible study meeting. 





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