[Guru Bawa 1]

A speech by the Guru Bawa (Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen) about knowledge, widsom, and divinity.

00:07Copy video clip URL A crowd of people indoors, chatting and eating.

06:44Copy video clip URL The camera operator repeats “testing” over and over while filming a wall. 

07:30Copy video clip URL More “testing.” 

07:50Copy video clip URL Guru Bawa enters the room. He sits in a chair and people sit on the floor around him. He and his translator chat in Tamil. 

11:16Copy video clip URL A question to Guru Bawa about coming to the area. Video cuts out during her question.

12:41Copy video clip URL Guru Bawa speaks through a translator about the different truths found in each place. “The reason I came… This is the world. In this day’s water there is earth, there is fire, there is air, there’s colors and the atmosphere and so forth. But in this there is water and that water is there everywhere. So the water is there in all places but if somebody needs water you have to dig a well, and if you dig that well the water will come. Why did the water come here? Then you can’t ask the water how come you came here. The water is there naturally.”

18:16Copy video clip URL Guru Bawa continues. “But the word is a platform of business and the mind is a machine that does shaking and baking. And desire is like a dog. And the mind is a monkey. And in this whatever the desire asks for the mind will shake in its machinery and bake in whatever forms that you ask for. If you want a dog it will shake and then provide you with a dog. If you want a beautiful women it will shake and then provide you with a beautiful woman…. There are all these kinds of forms that a mind can produce.” 

21:36Copy video clip URL Speaking about the relationship between the world and the divine in Hindu theology. “Everything is God, and everything is magical.” The relationship between truth, wisdom, and the divine. 

25:34Copy video clip URL Speaking about the twelve houses of astrology. The complexity of the senses and its relationship to wisdom and divinity. 

30:05Copy video clip URL Finding that which is concealed within the human. 



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