[Guru Bawa 2]

A speech by the Guru Bawa (Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen) about knowledge, love, and divinity.

00:03Copy video clip URL Guru Bawa speaks and sings at the front of a crowd seated on the floor. 

06:28Copy video clip URL Guru Bawa’s words, spoken in Tamil, are translated into English. He speaks about knowledge and insight and grace. 

13:52Copy video clip URL Keeping your eyes open or closed, and keeping your mind open. 

16:08Copy video clip URL The relationship between God and Man. 

23:02Copy video clip URL The nature of love. Speaking about Solomon and the nature of God and the divine. 

27:35Copy video clip URL A blessing for the crowd: “May God protect us. May God sustain us from the attachment and the attraction of the flesh.” 

30:33Copy video clip URL The end of the speech. People stand up. Guru Bawa speaks to some of them and blesses them individually.



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