H.M. 5 at the Super Bowl Mansion

This tape features footage gathered by videomaker Skip Blumberg in Miami during the 1976 production of "TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl." Blumberg, Jane Aaron, and other members of TVTV test out video equipment before the shooting the program.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:36Copy video clip URL From inside a car, Blumberg gathers footage of the Miami coastline on the way to the beach.

02:12Copy video clip URL Blumberg and Aaron arrive at the beach. Blumberg gathers footage from around the area.

03:23Copy video clip URL After their beach excursion, Blumberg and Aaron travel back to where they’re staying while shooting in Miami. The experience some heavy traffic.

05:31Copy video clip URL Blumberg gathers footage from the “Super Bowl Mansion,” presumably where he and the other members of TVTV are staying. This is followed by footage of TVTV members watching old footage of a Los Angeles Rams game. Tom Weinberg briefly appears on camera. Blumberg makes his way around the house, which appears to be filled with members of the press.

07:55Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks one of the journalists about electric typewriters. The man talks about his intense hatred for the modern typewriter.

09:11Copy video clip URL Blumberg makes his way upstairs to Aaron, who is sitting on the bed. He brings her a grapefruit. The two talk about their excitement in meeting cinematographer John Ott. They talk about some of his many useful inventions. This lasts for several minutes.

11:55Copy video clip URL Back downstairs, Blumberg gets more footage from around the area. One of his colleagues gives him some advice on sound recording. He speaks with other colleagues as well.

15:41Copy video clip URL Blumberg runs into Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman upstairs. Friedman, Cain, and Joel Gold were about to go out to eat. Gold eventually makes his way out of his room and thanks Cain and Friedman for the use of their shower. Tom Weinberg and Elon Soltes eventually makes their way into the room as well. The group watches real time footage from Blumberg’s camera.

18:11Copy video clip URL Blumberg gets a shot of their itinerary for the week using a Newvicon camera fed out to a TV monitor. Watching the live feed, the group comments on the quality of the camera.

20:33Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of three people swimming in an in-ground pool. Blumberg gathers more footage from around the area.

21:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Christopher Guest and Skip Blumberg having a conversation near the pool. The two talk about the tension of network television. The camera operator continues to gather footage from around the area. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

23:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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