[Harold Washington 1987 Mayoral Primary]

News broadcast of the 1987 Democratic Mayoral Primary for Chicago. This footage also contains B-roll of Harold Washington and Jane Byrne rallying voters.

0:00Copy video clip URL John Drury talks about Harold Washington and his campaign for mayor before turning it over to Andy Shaw at an important Lakefront ward where Washington is rallying.

0:20Copy video clip URL Switch to b-roll of 935 N State St and 1314 W Irving Park where Washington is rallying different demographics. Shaw talks about the controversy of the Freedom Riders and how they may hurt Washington’s election because they changed it into a conversation about civil rights.

2:27Copy video clip URL Mary Ann Childers begins talking about Jane Byrne and how she’s slowly changing roles from very aggressive to a softer approach. Several references to Byrne as “Good Jane, Bad Jane, Calamity Jane.” Switch to b-roll of 2539 N Harlem where Byrne is rallying a crowd.

4:35Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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