[Howard Zinn raw #46: An interview with Michael Eisenmenger and Linda Iannacone about alternative media]

Footage on and around Ellis Island. Interview with Michael Eisenmenger and Linda Iannacone of Paper Tiger Television.

0:04Copy video clip URL Filmmakers Denis Mueller and Deb Ellis take the ferry to Ellis Island, sort out logistical issues. Shots of boats in New York Harbor.

3:36Copy video clip URL Footage of the parks and buildings on Ellis Island.

6:56Copy video clip URL Footage inside the museum at Ellis Island.

12:45Copy video clip URL Exterior shots of Ellis Island.

16:42Copy video clip URL Shot of the Statue of Liberty. Shots around New York Harbor.

24:02Copy video clip URL Interview with Michael Eisenmenger and Linda Iannacone of Paper Tiger Television.

24:42Copy video clip URL Eisenmenger defines alternative media as progressive, non-commercial media. He says that mainstream media’s motives are much different from alternative media.

26:50Copy video clip URL Iannacone explains the links between the media and political and community struggles. “Without proper information about political struggles or political issues, people don’t know how to possibly vote or how to get involved in civic life. So we need to provide spaces for people to really talk about what concerns them in their local community and in the global community.” She praises the model of public access television.

28:34Copy video clip URL Eisenmenger says that the media is creating informed consumers rather than citizens. “The mainstream media has really done very little to provide coherent and clear global information of global news and events.”

30:43Copy video clip URL Iannacone discusses Paper Tiger and Deep Dish TV’s Gulf Crisis TV Project covering the politics leading up the to the Gulf War and anti-war protests. “Once it got out there, people knew that they weren’t alone. People who had been doing demonstrations in small towns across the country, suddenly they saw that in every other small town across the country, the same thing was going on.”

37:21Copy video clip URL Iannacone talks about the challenges facing alternative media. She says that government censorship generally goes unquestioned by ordinary people.

40:01Copy video clip URL Eisenmenger talks about the accessibility of new forms of media. He says there’s a lot of potential for the internet to connect people and social movements, citing the Zaptistas in Chiapas. Iannacone says that the best thing the internet does is connects struggles to allow people to see others’ struggles, but cautions that organizing still needs to proceed face-to-face rather than online.

44:11Copy video clip URL Eisenmenger says that it’s important for people to remember that media’s just a tool for organizing, doesn’t comprise organizing in itself.



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